CESBA Membership

Members of CESBA support over 300,000 learners in adult, alternative and continuing education programs in Ontario each year. CESBA supports its members and their program initiatives through advocacy for A&CE and provides various member benefits and opportunities.

Why become a member? You can:

  • Stay up-to-date and informed on issues pertaining to A&CE via regular emails and electronic news bulletins;
  • Attend and present at conferences and regional meetings while connecting with other A&CE staff across the province through in-person networking opportunities
  • Participate in A&CE sector-specific committees to share knowledge, tools and best practices to support learners and stay informed about Ministry initiatives;
  • Engage in free online learning through webinars;
  • Be actively engaged in A&CE policy and advocacy-related issues through connections with leaders and decision makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Receive support from CESBA to help promote school board-run A&CE programs;
  • Attend the CESBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and enjoy full voting rights to elect members to stand in CESBA’s Board of Directors.

Join us today!

For any questions about membership, please contact Urszula Mazur at umazur@cesba.com.

CESBA (full name: The Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators) is a provincial non-profit professional association that represents, advocates for and supports adult and continuing education (A&CE) program staff working in nearly 60 school boards across Ontario. In addition to advocacy and professional development opportunities, we support and build capacity for professionals working in the A&CE sector through information, tools, resources and community partnerships.

CESBA was started in 1999 and is incorporated as a non-profit organization in Ontario. It is governed by a Board of Directors, all from the Ontario A&CE sector.

Adhésion à CESBA

Les membres de CESBA appuient plus de 300 000 personnes qui suivent des programmes d’éducation des adultes et d’éducation permanente en Ontario chaque année. CESBA appuie ses membres et leurs programmes en promouvant l’EAEP et en offrant divers avantages et possibilités.

Avantages de l’adhésion. En devenant membre, vous pouvez :

  • vous tenir au courant des programmes d’EAEP par l’entremise de courriels et de bulletins d’information électroniques;
  • assister et participer à des conférences et à des réunions régionales et rencontrer d’autres personnes qui travaillent dans le secteur de l’EAEP dans la province lors de séances de réseautage en personne;
  • participer à des comités du secteur de l’EAEP pour partager des connaissances, outils et pratiques exemplaires afin d’appuyer les apprenantes et apprenants et se tenir au courant des initiatives et politiques des ministères;
  • participer à des séances d’apprentissage en ligne gratuit via des webinaires;
  • participer activement aux questions de politique et activités de sensibilisation concernant l’EAEP en rencontrant des dirigeantes et dirigeants et des décideurs des secteurs public, privé et sans but lucratif;
  • recevoir un soutien de CESBA dans la promotion des programmes d’EAEP administrés par les conseils scolaires;
  • assister à l’assemblée générale annuelle de CESBA et avoir le droit de participer à l’élection des membres du conseil d’administration de CESBA.

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Si vous avez des questions au sujet de l’adhésion, contactez Urszula Mazur à umazur@cesba.com.

CESBA (nom complet : Association ontarienne des administrateurs de l’éducation des adultes et de l’éducation permanente des conseils scolaires) est une association professionnelle sans but lucratif qui représente et soutient le personnel chargé de l’éducation des adultes et de l’éducation permanente (EAEP) dans une soixantaine de conseils scolaires de l’Ontario. Outre les initiatives d’intervention et de perfectionnement professionnel, CESBA aide à développer la capacité des professionnels du secteur de l’EAEP par l’information, des outils et des ressources ainsi que des partenariats communautaires.

CESBA est une association qui a été créée en 1999 et est constituée en organisme sans but lucratif en Ontario. L’organisme est régi par un Conseil d’aministration. Les administratrices et administrateurs viennent tous du secteur ontarien de l’EAEP.


CESBA is an outstanding professional learning community that shares resources openly…creates amazing networking opportunities…and is the advocacy group for our Adult and Continuing Education needs as they relate to the four, main learning ministries whom we deal with (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).
Paul Cox, Principal St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres
Waterloo Catholic District School Board
We live in interesting times when old problems need new solutions to ensure success in the world. Continuing education available to all citizens has never been more necessary. In Ontario a strong dynamic organization – CESBA – brings the needs and the resources across the province to the fore, for educators, leaders and politicians. Membership in CESBA is invaluable. Belong, participate, benefit and strengthen the vision of quality education for all.
Kathy & Don Mills
A membership in CESBA is invaluable! When I was Principal of Loyola, School of Adult and Continuing Education, CESBA was THE main source of professional development in all aspects of adult education for both me and my staff. The current and future looking information provided enabled us to stay current and improve our services to our learners. Being a member of CESBA was like having a direct line to the various ministries. Through CESBA, the collective voice of adult educators in school boards is strong and listened to at the ministry level. The annual conference and the regional meetings are not to be missed as they are an important opportunity for networking and learning about innovative and effective practices. I highly recommend that all A&CE boards join CESBA! It is the best investment you can make for your learners.
Theresa Harper-DubeRetired Principal, ALCDSB